Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6th and it's 85 degrees and HUMID!

Wow...2 weeks ago we were complaining about how unseasonably chilly it was in Pennsylvania and today it's 85 degrees and humid. But it feels sooooo good!!! I'm one of the freaks who is never warm so I love the hot days! Last night, I ran to Walmart to pick up ink for my printer and noticed on the bank sign that it was 84 degrees at 9:45pm!!!

It's great to have ink again! I missed being able to print things! I picked up an Aladdin brand photo mug at Target last weekend (boy did I luck out - it was hiding behind the other "regular" travel mugs!). I want to do it up for a co-worker as a late birthday present for her. She'll love it - I just need to figure out which photos to use - ones from the cruise she went on last September or some of the ones I have of her 2 kiddos.

I managed to get a hybrid card done yesterday - which is why I needed the ink so badly! and also finished a scrapbook page. I love how both turned out. I've decided to try to participate in the 52 card pick up workshop at SSD (including envelopes which are provided by Bree) and start a box of all the cards. Maybe get ahead on the Christmas gifts! Not sure who will be the recipient of these - maybe they'll be a gift to ME! LOL

Credits: Ship Mates by MandaBean and Kay Miller
Clouds and Sun from Penny Springmann and Misty Cato's Grilling and Chilling kit
flight doodle by Vickie Fernandez
Font: Treasure Map DeadheadAnd a little Swarovski Crystal bling added to her hat
Credits: Adorable Me by Misty Cato & Betty Jo Martin
Bent Bunch #8 by Penny Springmann
font used: 2Peas Chatter
I think that's it for me today. I've got some cleaning to do - already did the kitchen Yay! Tomorrow it's shopping day at SSD!


Anonymous said...

Yay for ink! And I love that card! I really need to bite the bullet and dive into hybrid!

Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Cute card and layout!

Have a great weekend!

Tammy said... the card.

PsiPsi said...

I love the no more tears

movefearlessly said...

love the card! hate the heat - i'm a little south of you (VA) and it's 95 here today - GAG!! have a great weekend.

Rose Farver said...

I loved your layouts! Really cute stuff! Thanks for visiting my bloggy!