Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not much going on here in PA

Typical PA weather has forced Andrew and I to delay our Couch to 5k program. It was so bitter cold last week and pouring cats and dogs that we were unable to get past week 1, day 1. So, like the program recommends we started again this week. Tonight we ran week 1, day 1 again. It was strange because we only did on day last week (exactly a week ago) and it seemed easier tonight. So, one day down, 2 more to go this week. I'm stoked! I've been swim suit shopping and want to pick out one to actually buy this summer. I haven't had a new swim suit in 14 years. *and it's not like the one I have looks good or anything, I just dreaded buying a new suit.** That's one of my goals I set for myself for 2008. I didn't set resolutions but goals that I want to accomplish this year. But that's another posting!
One the scrapping front, I was able to get 2 layouts completed this weekend for the ADSR. Here are my LOs for challenge #7 and #8. Both were very challenging for me.
Challenge #7 at Elemental Scraps had us playing a numbers crunch.
Team Member #1 (ME!)- ONE DESIGNER - MESSY - No JournalingUsing the correct number of items as listed below, you must scrap using only ONE designers products. Pick your designer carefully and make sure they have all of the things listed on the list below, remember only ONE designer. (this does not include the use of drop shadow actions but does include the use of templates, mattes, shape files etc.) Once you choose your ONE designer you will be required to scrap in a Hodge Podge style, a little artsy and messy. No Journaling, ONLY TITLE WORK.Use the following items: (Please remember this layout requires all pieces to be from the same designer)1 - paper (only ONE paper, no other paper for mattes page borders, nothing)2 - ribbons3 - buttons4 - glitter/gems/sequins or bling pieces5 - frames6 - pictures7 - alphas (different but from the same designer unless created by you, we made an exception to this but alphas cannot be made of paper.)8 - flowers/stars/cardboard pieces9 - staples 10 - random elements of choice (all by the same designer, no more no less)
Here's my LO - I used the awesome Vickie Fernandez - designer at the DigiScrapShak:

Credits HERE

Challenge #7 was hosted at NDISB:
Scrap about your most memorable vacation or trip.

1) Use only B&W Photo(s)

2) Do not use any travel themed elements or papers (i.e planes, trains or automobiles, postcards, etc.)

3) Use only ONE word as your title

4) You must incorporate the lyrics to some song in your journaling somehow. You don't have to include the whole song, just a line or even a few words. Just let us know what song it is in your credits.

Credits HERE

Well, I'm off to the shower and then to bed. Night!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last night was the first night of me doing the Couch to 5K running plan. It actually wasn't too bad for the first night. Multiple periods of brisk walking broken up by 60 seconds of jogging. We downloaded the podcasts which made it so easy because it tells you when to walk and when to run/jog. Andrew, my almost 15 year old, did it with me. It was kinda fun just him and I spending some time together. And I'm not really sore this morning. My legs feel a little heavy but that's about it. Tonight is a night off but tomorrow is back to work!

The ADSR #7 challenge was posted at Elemental Scraps on Sunday and boy is it a challenge!!! I need to think on my part of it for a day or so. 'Cause I'm a planner. Here's my LO for challenge #4 - we had to interview an inanimate object. I love how this turned out - it's probably one of my most favorite. Does that make me a morbid person????

Credits can be found here

And I did this cute little project for designer Penny Springmann last week using her newest release Hop To It Mini Kit:

So, HOP on over to her store and pick up this sweet mini kit so you can scrap those Easter photos! Through 3-22-08, when you pick up the mini kit, you get the Easter Basket above that I created AND you get this cute little carrot box printable:

That's it for today. Not bad for my first official blog entry eh? Catch you on the flip side!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Up and running!!!

I've always wanted to do a blog. Somewhere to showoff my creations. Somewhere to rant and rave. Somewhere to call mine. So, here it is!