Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playing catch-up!

So, last posting I promised some new Hybrid projects I've done. It's been awhile since I've posted anything over here, so I have a few to show off.

First is my most favorite project so far! When I was digging through my stash box for the tattoo paper, I came across a few of my chick feeder bases that I had crafted with a few years ago. I added a new coat of paint and digitally created a label for the jar and PRESTO! I did this project for Hybrid Hump day over at Penny Springmann's blog. Isn't it purty??? LOL

I made the label using Penny Springmann's Boo to You 2008 kit

And I am absolutely stoked that my people feeder will be featured at The Daily Scrapper on 10-17-08!!!

Another project created for Penny's Team Hybrid project which we do monthly was this clock. The team used Shrinky Dinks for our projects - and wow...there were some great ideas! Check them out at this post over at Penny's blog.

I used Penny's Garage Grunge kit for this project - the wrench and screwdriver clock hands are my Shrinky Dinks!!! What guy wouldn't love this hanging in his garage or work area???

And lastly tonight, for the FOBTY challenge at SSD- Which Halloween candy are you:

Halloween Candy Quiz

Halloween Candy Quiz

You are a Pumpkin Jelly

Like the pumpkin jelly candy you are soft and gentle

Find out which Halloween Candy you are at

That's it for me for tonight! I have a few new projects in the works so stay tuned!! It's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts!


:::Melanie::: said...

WOW! Great hybrid projects! Love the people feeder :D

Kresta said...

Love the projects!!!

Lena said...

I do love your projects, but CONGRATS on being featured! That is a big deal! Woohooo!

Diana said...

Great projects, the people feed it stoo cute, and some great ideas about the clock.

-Diana (Winter Ivy @ SSD)oltego

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That is such a great idea!

Colleen said...

Awesome stuff girl!

Eve said...

LOL The people feeder is a hoot!! Great stuff!

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh!! That people feeder is awesome!! You did an incredible job with it!!