Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just a quick drive-by posting today - we were away at my Dad's since Thursday evening and I need to get some things unpacked before heading back to work tomorrow morning.

First up, for the Sweet Shoppe FOBTY - a "Which Easter Candy are You?" quiz. Here are my results:

You Are a Chocolate Bunny

A traditionalist, you secretly want to dress up like a bunny. And not just on Easter.

LOL ok..... next up is a layout I did this afternoon. I don't think I ever put together a layout this quick. I only worked on it for about 2 hours. No matter how simple or cluttered I try to make my layouts, they usually take about 4 hours because things have to be "just so"....

I took this photo of my Dad yesterday 4-11-09. It really makes me sad. He's doing well since his surgery two months ago but I am still reminded that he's not getting any younger. He was THRILLED when we decided to go spend Easter with him at his house. We usually have him here for dinner. I didn't have cell phone service there nor did I have any computer or internet. It was fun but it's always nice to come home.

Credits are here - almost everything on this page is by Penny Springmann.

That's about it for me. Hope your Easter was a great one - filled with family and love.


whatkatiedid said...

So good to hear that your dad is doing so well! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Thanks for the eggs-cellent comments you left me btw, they made me laugh and groan in equal measure! LOL

gabs aka evitangel said...

your page is so beautiful. hope you have a wonderful time