Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Who says we're too old to play with paper dolls?? Whimsical Hybrid Card

Wow! I can't believe it's already July 9th! The summer is almost half over! Next Tuesday, my 15 year old will be flying alone to spend 3 weeks in Ft. Myers with my sister and a foreign exchange student. Should be an fun and exciting time for him!

Tomorrow I pick up Taylor from Girl Scout camp! She's been there since Sunday afternoon. Wonder if she's missing her Mom like her Mom is missing her??? I hope she is having a great time and will have some great memories to hang onto.

Last night I finished a Hybrid card that I started Monday night. It just wasn't working out like I envisioned until I had a brainstorm (anyone smell unexplained smoke Monday night? LOL).

At the beginning of summer, I bought a "Paper Fashions Fancy - Design your own Dresses" kit at Michael's for Taylor to work on when she was at her Grandparents while I worked. I gave her strict instructions that she wasn't to bring the kit home - it was only for Grandma's house. Well, I decided to go get the kit (and the cute little wire hangers that were included in the kit) and re-create the dress that wasn't working. The kit has great stencils that you can use to design your own clothes and accessories. Here's what I made with the kit:

Credits can be found here

And here's what the craft kit I used looks like:

My daughter LOVES playing with this and designing her own fashion clothing - she's 11. So worth the money I spent on it (although I had to use a 50% off coupon and only paid $12) and the $9.99 on the refill kit. And now I've found a way to play with it too!! I know as soon as Taylor sees my card, she'll be using her Design your own Dresses kit in a whole new way!!!

That's it for today - just remember to always keep on creating!!


movefearlessly said...

SOO cute! i used to love playing with paper dolls!

Michelle said...

That is so cute! That kit looks fun!

Barb said...

Very fun! I always loved paper dolls!

Lisa Joy said...

That is too cute!

allaboutmeandabagofchips said...

That looks so cool! My daughter would love that!

Azrood said...

What a fun idea! I would have loved that when I was a kid...who am I kidding I would still love to play with that as an adult, lol!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Oh I am becoming a believer in hybrid! Keep giving me examples!

scapa1 said...

Wow, you make beautiful hybrids!